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 Ban Appeal

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PostSubject: Ban Appeal   Sat Sep 17, 2011 3:32 am

I am requesting to be unbanned for: So I can continue to play tubacraft.

Explanation for why you did what you were accused of doing:Well, I was killing people in their base. And Jack kills me, with god on. And says "NO SPAWN KILLING". I tell him, "it's a base?" and he starts yelling at me.

Steps you will take to avoid future incidents:Not attack bases at spawn I guess?

Do you plead guilty or innocent to what you're accused of doing? (Be honest! Everyone makes mistakes!)Guilty.

Do you agree that if your appeal is accepted, and you get banned again, your old ban report and appeal will be taken into consideration?What?

Have you been banned before? If so, how many times, and what for?Well on this server, like once?

More information/my comments: I just wanna play tubacraft. It's one of the only servers that are actually cool with the combination of Factions and McMMO.
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Location : Australia

PostSubject: BAN REPORT   Sat Sep 17, 2011 8:15 am

Who was banned? P0cketlint13

Why were they banned? Admin Abuse, Destroying admin property, Ignoring Admin requests, Disrespecting admins, Spawn killing.

Who was the victim? (If any) Jackrox256, Par0004, g1owst0n3, Essendon19.

Who banned them? Jackrox256

When were they banned? 17/09/1

For proof ask the people listed in the victim section.

Other Notes: This is the second time he has put what i said out of context, and lied in his ban report, I killed him because he was attacking someone that was making a shop, he continued to disobey me so i temp banned him. Right before i tempbaned him he attacked the shop owners again, and destroyed the shop. After this he continued to harrass me and the shop keepers. If you speak to the people listed in the VICTIM section you will be clarified about the situation.
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Ban Appeal
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